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QGESS is a family run business and actively supports local sports clubs and charities within its local community.

QGESS also works with schools in local areas doing  presentations about Rock cycles and erosion etc inflaming young minds with the wonder of scientific careers.

QGESS can work in remote areas and therefore actively tries to immerse itself in the local community. This not only is great for QGESS but also for the local community as services in these area can only survive with custom from companies such as QGESS

QGESS also support a local indigenous Artist Darryl Black who we have commissioned various pieces through, examples of his work can be seen below and in the Background of this page.

Darryl Black was born in Katherine N T while his father Lindsay Black had a management role at Wave Hill Station. Darryl is the grandson of Barney Black a horseman, drover & stockman well known in the Central Queensland region. He has 4 siblings and 2 children. Darryl lives in Springsure where he paints and is involved in the local community. Darryl is an elder of the Ka-iri Nation and Karangbul Nation from Carnarvon Ranges area of Central Queensland. These two nations have occupied the area for 26,000 years and are descendants from Pitjara people. Darryl started painting as a child and has matured with the ability to capture the local geography and fauna in a traditional manner.



Darryl calls the painting “Australia United.  The island nation Australia is surrounded by the oceans with the green around the coastline and the dry desert centre.  Within Australia there are different cultures represented by the four outer circles.  The black and white circles have had a longer journey to the united centre than the red and yellow circles.  It is Darryl’s hope that all cultures come together in the centre to enjoy peace, harmony and friendship.  The art was awarded champion prize at the 2018 Springsure show. 

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